“I am a primary care internist and integrative medicine specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital and have been referring patients to Adele for many years. Adele’s training in classical acupuncture, as well as her deep personal passion and commitment to her work, make her a special person to work with. I choose to refer to Adele when my patients have the most complex and difficult problems, and have confidence that Adele will use her extensive knowledge, as well as her literature and connections to many other Asian healing masters, to address the imbalances in my patients’ systems. All of this makes
her a unique practitioner, but it is her gentle sense of humor, her groundedness, and her deep caring for the healing process of her patients that I find so important as I share patients with her.”

Kathryn Hayward M.D. Boston MA
January, 2009

“I am a strong believer in complimentary medicine both personally and professionally.   I am an anesthesiologist, have studied medical acupuncture, and have been a client of Adele Strauss for over 10 years.
Adele has a profound knowledge of classical acupuncture that is reflected in her formulation of elegant treatment plans.  She also has a broad understanding of many acupuncture styles that allow her to blend classical and cultural diagnostic and treatment techniques.  I consult with Adele as a first tier response to acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems and a host of nonspecific medical issues that are readily addressed with energetic medicine.  As a result, I have minimized the need for more aggressive allopathic medical evaluation and treatment and/or pharmacologic intervention. I particularly enjoy pairing the acupuncture treatment with a wonderful massage.
To summarize, she is an artist, a scholar, and a phenomenal healer that I highly recommend without reservation.

Barbara Schulman M.D. Newton MA
March 2009

“I’ve been going to Adele for over 10 years for a wonderful combination of Acupuncture, Massage, and my own personal Rx of Chinese herbs. Adele keeps me healthy, in balance and keeps my brain working. She has cured my seasonal allergies (now gone!), colds and flus (nipped in the bud), my budding carpal tunnel (before it got bad), my back aches, neck problems, menopause symptoms and many other symptoms. Adele IS my primary healthcare practitioner. She’s the first person I turn to when I start to feel less than 100% and the person I trust to keep me at 100%!”

Patricia Seybold, Boston MA
March 2009

“As a client of Adele’s for 7 years, I’ve been extremely happy with the quality of care and service that I’ve consistently received. I started seeing Adele to alleviate terrible menopause symptoms. With acupuncture and herbs, in a short time it went from horrible to very manageable to hardly noticeable. In addition, about 3 years ago, I had chronic, severe hand eczema that flared up every winter. Over a season, she treated me for this, along with other things. I was extremely skeptical that it would work; but it did! This condition has totally disappeared and has not surfaced since. Whatever I present as my current problem of the day, she manages to treat effectively with positive healing results. I’m also certain that my immune system has vastly improved as a result of her acupuncture treatments. I highly recommend Adele to anyone seeking the best acupuncture experience available in the greater Boston area. I travel from Hull, MA to her office in Brighton and, believe me, it’s worth it! ”

P. Chura
Hull, MA
March 2009

“A few rare people are endowed with an extraordinary gift: they are natural healers – somehow, interacting with them is profoundly therapeutic.

Adele Strauss has this gift. She is the most therapeutic person I have ever encountered.

She has augmented her natural gift with deep training, achieving the highest skill levels in acupuncture, shiatsu massage and Chinese medicine.

Her ministrations are inexplicably energising. I don’t know how or why they work, but they do. A client for decades, I consider her treatments essential. They are a perfect complement to the Western health care I receive. ”

Tom Hagan
Boston MA
April 2009

“I met Adele Strauss about four years ago, when I was having panic attacks.

In less than a month, I went to the ER four times, but no doctors could tell me what my problem was.  I was just having one attack after another.  That was when I heard about Adele Strauss.  She was able to help me and cure me, as the months went by. Adele was a life saver for me.  She was my psychologist, my advisor and friend, who wanted to help.  Finally I got my life back again.

I thank Adele from the bottom of my heart, and wish her all the best.”

Vilma Almeida
Waltham MA
April 2009